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Capitã Marvel | Korath quase usaria o traje clássico das HQs

Diego Barbarossa

27 mar, 2019

Através do Instagram, Aleksi Briclot, ilustrador que realizada trabalhos para a Marvel Comics, divulgou uma arte conceitual de Capitã Marvel em que Korath (interpretado nos cinemas por Djimon Hounsou) aparece com um traje especial inspirado em sua roupa clássica das HQs.



Visualizar esta foto no Instagram.


>>>Swipe for the (almost) full body >>> A character concept for Captain Marvel. His name is Korath, played by @djimon_hounsou in the movie. He’s part of the Starforce with Vers. I’ve added a reference for his look in the comics that I’ve started with. So here my goal was to refer to his look as well as make it believable and cool in a movie in 2019. How to keep the essence of the original concept while making him much more edgy? Here I’m thinking about what I would love to see in a current sci-fi movie and the challenge to keep him recognizable. On the old comics character he’s wearing this weird outfit with this short square shirt. Which is certainly a modest way to hide a part you wouldn’t see but IMO is acting like the opposite like his pelvis is clearly defined and maybe highlighted by this lighter square. And how to keep this particular helmet shape and make it practical? That are some funny challenges of my work! 🙂 - #characterdesign #korath #conceptdesign #conceptart #digitalpainting #marvel #marvelstudios #captainmarvel #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #starforce #kree

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Capitã Marvel, apresenta a super-heroína Carol Danvers, a ex-Ms. Marvel e atual detentora do título de Capitã nas HQs. Com direção de Anne Bolden e Rick Fleck, o longa está em exibição nos cinemas por todo o país.

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